Grease Extraction Cleaning

The Aim

To prevent fire by removing the grease build up from all areas of the extract system.


Insurance Companies require that grease extract systems are inspected regularly and cleaned a minimum of once a year depending upon the number and type of meals served. Health & Safety Regulations also carry requirements for the inspection, monitoring and cleanliness of systems & the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) 2004 act requires a ‘responsible person’ either owner or person in charge of the building to carry fire risk assessments and reduce or remove the risks. Grease extract cleaning is one area that falls under this section.

Our Service

Our Surveyor will attend site to determine the following information;

Condition & type of extract system. (Ultra Violet System, Self Wash Canopies etc).
Number & Type of Access Panels. (and size if required).
Grease Build Up Levels in the system and Canopy, using a grease depth gauge.
Last Clean Date & Frequency.
System Length and Trace from Canopy to Atmosphere.
Put together a competitive costing for a personalised service.

How will it be cleaned?

Our Cleaning operatives will attend site to carry out the cleaning according to;

H.V.C.A – TR19 Standard.
Insurance Standard.
Health & Safety Regulations.
Site specific procedures.
And Take Before & After Digital Photographs.
Report any areas that cannot be accessed and the reasons why.
Position & Install Industry Standard Access Doors.
By hand – using degreasing chemicals, Long handle scrappers etc.

Once the work is complete and has been inspected by our management team a Hygiene Certificate (Grease Extract Cleaning Only) will be issued. Our Photos and Certification can be used as part of your system to stay compliant with current regulations.