Project Description

Commissioned to deep clean entire bathroom shower extraction system of an 8th Floor Hotel with the Bathroom extraction plant room being on the roof.

Type of Clean: Bathroom Extraction System

Market Sector: Hospitality – Hotels

There were 3 keys actions to be completed: –

  1. Each Extract Fan in the Hotels bathrooms needed to be removed clean and then remove all dust within the flex duct behind the extractor Fan
  2. The Bathroom extract ducting linked from the bathroom to a small cupboard which housed the vertical duct run going up from ground floor to 7th Each cupboard supported two bathrooms duct system. There were seven cupboards for each floor.
  3. Plant Room was on the roof. Each vertical riser of ducting (seven) then joined a rectangular horizontal duct run on the roof that then joined the extraction fan. The duct run was 14 metres x 6 metres.

Examples of the work and its complexity are shown via pre/post photos of the various stages of the work below as well as an outline of the roof bathroom extraction system –

  1. Bathroom
  2. Cupboard
  3. Plant Room
Pre Bathroom ExtractionPre Bathroom Extraction
Pre Bathroom ExtractPre Bathroom Extract
Pre Roof ExtractionPre Roof Extraction